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10 December 2015

Planning Permission Refused.

The Planning Officers recommendation to refuse planning permission was approved by the Development Control and Licencing Committee on 10 December 2015. Members voted 9 to 1 in favour of the Planning Officers recommendation. Members votes were recorded as follows.

For the motion. Mr Baines, Mr Conde, Mr Cross, Mr Dale, Mr King, Mr Lammie, Mr Mathias, Mr Parsons, Mr Wilby.

Against the motion; Mr Oxley.

Further details can be found on the RCC site.

Planning Officers Recommendation.

REFUSE PLANNING PERMISSION, for the following reason:

1. The proposal would result in substantial and demonstrable harm to the landscape character of the Di (South) sub-area of the Cottesmore Plateau Landscape Character Area, visual amenity in the settlements of Clipsham and Pickworth, the eastern part of the Registered Park and Garden of Exton Park including Fort Henry, the Rutland Round long distance walking route, public rights of way within 1.5 kilometres of the site, the western section of the byway open to all traffic to the east of Pickworth and public rights of way within Exton Park to the west, and local roads within 1.2 to 2.5 kilometres of the site, and also to the setting and views from Exton Park including Fort Henry, Stretton churchyard and Clipsham Conservation Area. The harm to the heritage assets is less than substantial but is not outweighed by the public benefit of the proposal. The environmental impact of the proposal is for these reasons unacceptable and cannot be made acceptable by mitigation. The proposal is therefore contrary to policies CS1, 2, 19, 20, 21, and 22 of the Rutland Core Strategy (July 2011), SP7, 15, and 18 of the Site Allocations and Policies Development Plan Document (October 2014), the Wind Turbines Supplementary Planning Document (November 2012), sections 3, 10, 11 and 12 of the National Planning Policy Framework (March 2012) and DCLG ? Planning Practice Guidance for Renewable and Low Carbon Energy.

The full determination by the Development Control & Licensing committee can be found here

RES in the News. December 18 2015

In an article, Developer claims wind farm refusal “will cost county millions” that appeared in the Rutland and Stamford Mercury December 18 2015 , RES suggested that the combined financial benefits associated with the wind farm over the 25 years could be worth some GBP8.5 million to Rutland.

However I would point out that over the 25 year life of a wind farm this is equivalent to GBP340,000 per year. With 16368* households in Rutland that equates to an average benefit per household of just GBP20.77.

*RCC Key Statistics2014

March 2015 – Planning Applications for both Solar and Wind farms are now in. Clock is ticking – you need to write any objection letters and send to RCC before 31 March 2015. See information here. There are a series of local meetings to discuss many of the issues – please attend

New Images of RES initial proposal click here:?


April 2014 RES Scoping Request

Sept 8 2013. SSE hands over to RES UK.
June 2013. Statement to Parliment By Rt Hon E Pickles MP “Beginning of the end”
April 2013. Milton Keynes – High Court Ruling on separation distances.
January 2013. Rutland and Stamford Mercury Article – “The myths surrounding wind energy’s contribution have to be scotched” by Tony Wakefield.
November 2012. CPRE issues Guidance Note for onshore wind farms.


Stop Woolfox Wind Farm has been set up to provide information to the local community about the Scottish and Southern Energy plc – SSE-proposals for an Industrial Wind Turbine Power Plant (aka Windfarm) at the old airfield at Woolfox between Clipsham, Stretton and Pickworth just outside Stamford in rural Rutland.

STOP Woolfox wind farm is a pro-renewables site that supports the appropriate technology in the appropriate environment.

SSE are seeking planning permission for 22 turbines at 135m height – the size of the turbine is larger than most turbines in the UK. The London Eye is 135m tall.

The proposal is for one of the biggest wind farms in England.

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